The Coronavirus Quiz is an educational tool that seeks to help people tell truth from fiction when it comes to Coronavirus health information. It was created by Digital Public Square, a not-for-profit spun out of the University of Toronto, dedicated to rethinking and redesigning the way technology is used to support communities-in-need. Our goal: Healthy communities enabled by good technology.

Our aim with this tool is to increase public knowledge about health safety as it relates to the Coronavirus. All of the content within has been cross checked against trusted sources (e.g. the World Health Organization and Health Canada). Please take the extra time to read more about each card by following the link to each original citation. Information on this website is not medical advice. Always consult a medical professional if you require medical assistance.

Privacy is the default when answering the Coronavirus Quiz. You can use it without submitting any information about yourself. We do not store personally identifying information and your participation on this platform is voluntary—you can exit the browser at any time and only leave anonymous data points. It’s also entirely up to you to choose whether or not you want to share the game. If you would like tips on keeping safe when sharing personal information on social media, you can visit Security Planner.

We use Internet Protocol (IP) address anonymization on our servers and Google Analytics anonymization to avoid storing information that could identify you. To understand how people answer the Quiz Content, see how people use the tool, and to test performance, we record non-identifying data about use (e.g. what is clicked on, survey answers, time-spent on the website, and other aggregate web performance metrics.)


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